Monday, February 15, 2010

Feelin' The Love, The Fun, The Exploding Volcano of Pudding

This has been one of the sweetest Valentine's Days ever. Oh, I know it's a big commercial day to sell lots of candy, flowers, and stuff, and people bemoan its "Hallmark Holiday" status, but I say there's nothing wrong with taking and entire day to celebrate those you love.

My day started with a card and a present from my sweetest little girl. She made me this heart herself, and holding it you can just feel the love sewn inside.

Then after breakfast Mackenzie decided he was going to make some special chocolate pudding for the day. My grandma has a super-easy recipe that she loved to make, so we took a minute to remember her as we got the card out of the box. Unfortunately, Mackenzie got confused about the small fact that cornmeal is not the same as corn starch. Needless to say, the first version of the pudding was a bit... gritty.

Second time around, he neglected to keep a watchful eye on the microwave, so he ended up with the Exploding Volcano of Pudding. As you can see, he didn't mind cleaning off the microwave by hand! What didn't explode all over the place tasted great though, we all enjoyed some topped by whipped cream, agreeing that it wasn't near as disastrous as the Great Smoothie Explosion of 2008.

Asa had a Valentine's Day party to go to, I got to take a run that wasn't in the rain (always a blessing here in February), and then we all went to see the movie Twilight New Moon, which was thankfully at the $1 theatre, since I'm glad I didn't pay more than that to see it! But it was okay, and we had a good time dishing about the bad parts afterwards.

Out of the 25 years I've spent as an adult on this planet, 18 have been together with Wayne and 13 have been with kids in my life. Over half my adult life! That's really amazing to me. All I can say is I'm feelin' the love!

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