Saturday, February 13, 2010

Those Dang Invisible Milestones Again

Milestones are easy to spot, the new things that your kids do, from walking and talking up through their first sleepover or learning to drive. The invisible milestones slip by us: the last time they crawl or babble, the last time they climb in bed in the middle of the night or ask us to drive them somewhere.

Somewhere in the last two weeks, the very last mis-pronounced word passed from my teenager's lips. When they're little, they use those cute mistaken words all the time, from pasghetti to hostible, it's so cute you can't stand it. I've never understood the adults that correct those verbal boo boos, because all too soon you turn around and they're gone. Very few survive the last years of childhood. For my big guy it was "specific", which always came out "pacific", until now. I don't remember the last time he said it wrong, but all I know is that now he says it right. I guess it goes with the fuzzy little mustache. Sigh.

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