Monday, July 21, 2008

The Great Smoothie Explosion of 2008

Every once in awhile you should do something outrageously horrifyingly wrong in front of your kids. It lets them know that you too can screw up on a monumental scale and (hopefully) still laugh it off at the end of the day. This afternoon was just such a moment of excruciating mucked-upedness.

It started the way many of our afternoons go, with a request from the kids to make a smoothie, in this case a decaf mocha smoothie. Eggs, milk, frozen coffee cubes, chocolate syrup all went into the blender, but the blender alas was done for. So, being a mom who is not easily defeated by malfunctioning appliances, I decided to use the food processor. I reckoned it was round, had blades, and was used to chop things up, so as long as I covered that hole at the top of the hopper, it should be no problem, right?

In short order, I had poured the smoothie contents in, covered it up, and turned it on. That's when my food processor was possessed by a demonic poltergeist, made a horrifying noise, and actually rose into the air before spewing the contents of it's receptacle over roughly the entire kitchen (and me). I'm quite sure my kids have not laughed so hard in their entire lives. It must've looked like a scene from a movie or something. And it only took me two hours to clean smoothie out of every crack and crevice of my kitchen. Small price for such mirth at my expense.

Yep, now my kids can rest completely secure in the knowledge that their mother can mess things up worse than they ever have (or possibly ever will). I'm sure it must be a comfort to them.

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Brenda said...

Robin, thank you for the laugh! Glad to know I'm not the only one to do stuff like this. (remembers a potato soup incident last year...)