Monday, July 07, 2008

Broken Kids

Ooooh, urgggh. Summertime plans go awry. Mackenzie broke his arm! Not doing anything dangerous of course, like jumping on our trampoline, but jumping around the living room like a nut after hearing that hubby got him a cell phone. Never mind the fact that we emphasized this is just a phone for when he is on his own - he has started walking to the store or friends' houses by himself - I think it must be some kind of rite of passage or something to get a phone because he was obviously very excited by this concept! That one took me by surprise. But here's a photo of him trying to set up his voicemail. He looks so, well, older all of a sudden!

Anyways, the arm is definitely broken, and supposedly we hear from the orthopedist today how badly. Keep your fingers crossed!

In related news, in karate class last week, I was practicing with my friend's daughter. We were doing throws and as I threw her, the guy next to me threw his partner and his knee collided with her nose which is now broken! It seems like it's a broken kind of week. And the start of summer is not really when you want to go breaking things, when everyone else is going to the pool and biking around and stuff. Bummer!

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