Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life Goes On

I really haven't felt much like writing in the last week or so. It's like all the words were drained out of me for awhile. But we've still been busy and life goes on. We did make it to the Egyptian exhibit, Quest for Immortality, which was well worth the drive up to Portland. The self-guided audio tours they have these days in museums are terrific, and give you a wealth of information at your own pace, which is great when you are going through with kids. We had carpooled up with some friends, so we took a little side-adventure on Portland's trolleys down to my favorite end of town and got some dinner, discovered a new gelato place, and the kids played and ran halfway back to where we started from before tiring out and finding a trolley stop.

Other projects and fun we have going include taking the World Widlife Fund Earthday challenge to raise $50 apiece in spare change before Earth Day. The kids and I are planning some fundraising ideas to raise our money since they are very into wildlife conservation these days. There's almost no piece of mail they look forward to more than the WWF newsletter (except maybe M's Nintendo Power magazine subscription or the Lego catalogs). I also just took Miss Diva to auditions for the play Little Women, and both of the kids have been writing music for Sabre's memorial service, slated for next Sunday.

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