Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On Our Bookstands

For non-fiction, I'm currently re-reading Gavin DeBecker's The Gift of Fear. It's a must-read for any parent or caregiver, and I check it out every couple of years and give myself a refresher. In fiction, I'm finishing up a reasonably good airport paperback I picked up on our trip last week, Death Match by Lincoln Child. It's a high tech thriller involving AI that meets my bar for fast-paced and readable. Since I started writing, I've found that my bar moved a few too many notches up, and it's hard to enjoy a lot of mid-range fiction that used to carry me along. So it's refreshing to find something that has kept my interest.

On Miss A.'s bookstand are a stack of library books that all have animals on the cover. Fiction or non-fiction, it's got to have an animal. She's currently reading me a Dr. Seuss knock-off called Clam-I-Am

M's bookstand is full of Sherlock Holmes, Spiderman comics, Pokemon books, and gaming magazines.

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