Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, What Does Mom Know?

So with Mackenzie being interested in computer science and all, I've mentioned many times that he should probably improve his keyboarding skills (we don't call it typing anymore in the new age, you know). I've pointed out links to online games that would be fun and accomplish this purpose, and even bought a typing tutor game on CD for him. But do you think he would listen to mom on this subject?????  Nooooooooooo....

But of course now that his mentor/teacher/business partner in the computer business mentioned that he needed to be able to type fast and showed him a link to some Free Typing Games online, he's been really working on it and lo and behold his typing is vastly improved.

It reminds me all too well of when my mom told me I should take typing in high school and I totally blew her off with a "mom, I am NOT going to be a secretary!". Lo and behold, six years later I was working at a computer company and typing all day long. LOL, the joke was on me.

Which is why, in this unschooling life, I'm so grateful for the mentors in my kids' lives. People who share their time, talents, interests, and yes, advice. Having a variety of adult influences is a great bonus to kids, and especially as Mackenzie moves into the teenage years, it's awesome that he has other people he can look up to and learn from.

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