Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dance Magic

Asa has been on the dance team at her studio this year and last weekend was their big competition performance in Portland. Of course, there's all of the excitement - costumes, hair, makeup, rehearsals, making everything come together for that one moment of perfection. There's something about watching your child do something that they really really LOVE. Whether that's soccer or robotics or dance or whatever, it just gives you a direct line of vision into their soul and what makes them whole. For Asa, when she's on a stage she just shines with such a light, it comes out of her every pore and her smile is HUGE.

Their dance this year was "Ballerinas Get Funky" which started off with some classical ballet in tutus and ended up in a Hip Hop/Jazz kind of dance. They had a lot of fun with it and truly they did a great job, winning first place in their division!!! Asa was ecstatic, and so here she is with trophy in hand. My God, is my little girl grown up or what? It always shocks me to see her in stage makeup because she ages into something approaching a teenager right before my eyes.

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