Friday, November 27, 2009

More Fun From the Kiddos

Mackenzie pretty much keeps me laughing on a daily basis. The other day I took him with me on a run to Costco. While I prowled around the edges picking up foodstuffs, he headed into the center to the games/toys/books/video games sections. Later when we reunited, he told me that several older adults had approached him and asked his advice on buying video games for their grandchildren and that he helped them make good choices that will result in happy grandkids on Christmas morning. Then he quipped: "My new job: teenage video game consultant to the elderly".

He's also been impressing me lately with his computing acumen. He set up a website for me for a recent project, has been programming all kinds of nifty things (including his own screen-time timer that reminds the user that it's time to take a break for the sake of their eyes) and on the robotics team he wrote a line-following program that allows the robot to navigate by using the light sensor to detect when its over a black line and follow that line to its destination. The code includes sub-routines, calibration, decision statements and loops. His coding skills are leaps and bounds above where they were a year or two ago.

And speaking of Amazed with a capital A (for Asa), she called me into the living room this morning to show me that not only did she learn the piano part for Apologize by One Republic but that now she can play it and sing at the same time. For those of you who play the piano, you know this is quite a difficult skill to acquire. So let's see, she learned to play the piano with a keyboard class last spring. By the end of class she's playing with two hands, now she's playing something like this AND singing. She just blows me way the heck away. I'll have to get her on video when she feels like she's got it polished up.

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