Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Grief

There are moments as a parent that break one's heart. Like sitting beside your kids after decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the lights, sipping hot cocoa.... and having your daughter burst into tears because she misses her cat so much. "He should be here. He didn't even get to see the Christmas tree." What do you say to that? I wish I could make the pain go away, I wish I had a mommy magic wand. I miss Bandit too, sometimes a lot. There are animals that come and go from your life, and then there are those ones that have a special spirit that captures your heart and Bandit was such an animal.

Just as sad, I know his brother Garfield still misses him terribly. They were so close, always sleeping together, playing, or snuggling. And Bandit was such a neat freak that he always groomed Garfield (who apparently didn't keep himself to high enough standards for Bandit). Garfield will actually let the dogs groom him these days, and he has gotten a lot clingier since Bandit died. It must be hard not to even understand where he went.

I know that holidays are often hard for anyone who is grieving a loss, even if it happened many months ago. I guess I shouldn't have been broadsided by this one but I didn't even see it coming. I hope someday the pain will lessen for her, and for all of us. It maybe seems silly when so many people have lost loved ones to be grieving so for a cat, but he was a good guy and I miss him too.

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