Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Birthday Fun

Here's our birthday boy's big 13th in pictures...

Of course, he can't be serious for one moment for a pic with the family

Having cake after playing laser tag with his friends

Yes, he still LOVES hippos, and was really excited to get this cute stuffed hippo from his friend Tiff

Yes, he's a house of cards. Do you get the idea this kid always keeps us laughing?

His wish for his actual birthday was to go bowling with just family. So he's getting his family presents at the bowling alley

And enduring a hug from little sis

He wanted to roll out the first ball right at 4:14, when he became a teenager

And spent some of the rest of the day making foam sword and shield. I still think he looks very elvish with those ears!

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Toni_F said...

I just finished watching Lord of the Rings part 1 and 2 with my kids last week and Mackenzie really does look like he belongs to the tribe of Elves!