Friday, August 28, 2009


I just sat on the couch and hugged my big ol' guy who used to be my little teeny guy, and then my funny little toddler, and then my adorable little boy. Now as of 4:14 this afternoon he's officially a teenager. We measured him against the wall today to find out he's grown 3/4" just since July and he just grew out of wearing Wayne's shoes.

It's been a crazy week, he had a birthday party with friends last Thursday and went laser tagging, then Asa had an audition on Saturday, Wayne and I left the kids with my mom and went to Portland for my triathlon on Sunday, came back to our regular week's worth of stuff, Asa's last swim meet and water polo game of the season and now today the boy turned 13. He wanted to go bowling, just our family, and to roll the first ball out at 4:14 exactly (when I always set my alarm to go off every year on his birthday). Then it was out to Sweet Life Desserts for coconut cream pie, and to see Star Trek at the movie theatre. All in all a great birthday to turn 13 by. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to upload some pics of it all.

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Walt said...

We're right behind you - well, 2 years and 7 weeks. Sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday.