Friday, May 23, 2008

So, the Inevitable Has Finally Happened

Mackenzie beat me in chess. He got me on a move I never saw coming. Wow. I still remember the day I finally beat my dad in Othello. I think Mackenzie will remember this day for a long time too. Damn, the kid is good. Of course, the little stinker used his allowance for an online chess tutor, and he's been checking chess books out of the library. He got a fun one called The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes: Fifty Tantalizing Problems of Chess Detection. He loved the chess problems in there and deducing the solutions, but was pretty distressed over the non-authenticity of the book. Imagine, Dr. Watson calls Holmes "Sherlock"!!! That would never happen in the Sir Conan Doyle books, for sure.

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