Friday, May 30, 2008

Small Kindnesses

In our backyard, we have eight raised garden beds. Over the winter, we planted clover as a cover crop. But when it was time to pull the clover out, Asa didn't want to because the bees love the flowers so much. So while the other seven beds are now full of tiny plants, hers is a riot of red clover flowers and buzzing bees. I love how thoughtful these kids are, of even the tiny beings here on earth. I love how they take to heart the stories of struggling honeybee colonies and translate that to an action that helps out a fellow creature.

We spent the morning clearing a patch of ground next to our new fenced plot in the front yard. I've bought a mix of flowers designed to attract bees, so we'll plant those there and when the clover flowers have faded, our little friends will still have a welcoming place in our garden.

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Malva said...

You can also dry the red clover for herbal tea!