Monday, February 11, 2008

Exciting News - Robotics!

I am excited to share two things about our robotics team today. One is this video slideshow I made chronicling our entire season so far. You can really see the heart and soul these teammates poured into meeting the challenges of the robotics competition:

The second thing I want to share is that out of 400 robotics teams in Oregon, our team has been chosen (along with another team) to represent Oregon in the selection process to attend the World robotics championships!!! The selection is based on your team exemplifying the "Core Values" of FIRST Lego League:
• We are a team.
• We do the work to find the solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
• We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
• What we discover is more important than what we win.
• We share our experiences with others.
• We display gracious professionalism in everything we do.
• We have fun!

Our team was recommended by the teamwork judges at the competitions to be nominated, and the kids had to write an essay answering six questions about these core values and how our team worked. From this process, they were chosen to represent Oregon. Now their essay (along with those from 200 teams around the world) will go on to the World selection committee, who will choose 10 teams to attend the World festival based on these Core Values nominations.

Please keep those fingers crossed for us! Our team has been simply amazing this year, and these kids have been awesome and worked so hard and are such great teammates. I am so proud of them over this nomination!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, and I hope you make it to World Fest!
Your experience is similar to ours. I took my son to the City Sights FLL tournament when he was 7, and asked to join an FLL team almost every day until he turned 9. He took a couple classes at FIRST Place in Manchester, NH when he was 8, but we couldn't find a team, and had just started homeschooling.
We all learned together—I studied theatre, and hadn't taken a math or science class since high school; our first tournament was the No Limits season in '04. The team has improved in the standings every year as the kids' skills improve. We represented RI at the Nanoquest World Fest, and this year topped that by setting an RI record in robot performance with a 390 score. We will represent RI in the Power Puzzle World Fest this April. To raise money for our trip last year, we started teaching classes for other homeschoolers. 7 new homeschooling teams have formed because of our classes.

We hope to see you at World Fest!

Mary Johnson

Gillen said...

I think that you guys are going to win the world fest because I saw the slide show and it was amazing. I build Legos too.

Gillen said...

I forgot to ask you what songs you used on the slide show. I loved them.