Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And the World is Made New For Them

365 Day 306: So This Is Why I Need a ChiropractorAt the library yesterday with Mackenzie, he remarked excitedly "Mom, they put in a whole section just for Greek Mythology - a whole section!" I love how the world seems made new for kids - as if any new discovery was created fresh on that day just for them.

So we wandered about the library, he showed me how to do an Advanced Search on the computer, something I hadn't discovered yet. I showed him how the Dewey Decimal system worked. We went up to explore the wonders of the adult section, this feeling like some kind of rite of passage to me. He found a gigantic book with drawings and text of every airplane every built, I think it weighed about 18 pounds. I pulled out some art books on Picasso and Dali, because the other day when he complained that his drawings don't look exactly like the objects he was sketching, I told him about many famous and wonderful painters who drew things differently and made their own forms of art. He pulled a book off of the shelf called "Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime" that is right up my alley for morning tea reading time, saying "mom, this looks like one you'd like".

Asa has two hours of dance team and ballet on Tuesday afternoons and I love my lazy wanderings with my son during those hours. We spent almost all of it in the library yesterday, riffing off of each other like experienced Jazz musicians, comfortable in our relationship and happy to have each other's company. What more could a mother want? Maybe another four or five arms to carry all the books home!

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