Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eleven Gorgeous Years Old

Yep, our boy is eleven today. He decided to decorate his own cake, with his favorite thing in the world: hippos! I love his cake idea, which he drew out on paper ahead of time.

Then it was off to the pool for some fun with friends (and a splashing from grandma!)

And to the park for presents, cake, and lots of playing with his friends. It was a beautiful day, the sun shone on us despite forecasts of clouds. His friends are all so much fun, he definitely has a great group of people who love him. And he's such a cool kid, I can't begin to express. Well, maybe this sums it up. I heard him telling his best friend on the phone (who we thought would be out of town for his birthday, but as it turns out could make it): "I don't want any presents, don't worry about that. I just really want you there." He's got a big heart and a sweet and funny way with words, a ready smile and is a true friend. I'm lucky to be called his mom. Happy Birthday punkin.

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