Thursday, February 01, 2007

Indentured Servants

I took the kids down to our local gaming store this week and they each found a game that they really liked. A. saw some hamster game for the DS that's like Nintendogs, but with hamsters (how much more perfect could that be!) and M. got Rocket Slime which is pretty cool. I actually bought Brain Gym for myself, and got hooked on Sudoku for the first time!

Unfortunately, they had forgotten they made a date with some other friends to go to the store they just refer to as the "individual card store", which is a local gaming place that sells used Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Magic, etc. cards invidually. Although they both got rid of their Pokemon decks awhile ago, they've since discovered that some of their friends that are back into it, and decided to buy new decks. Only after blowing all of their money on the video games there was a slight problem of funding.... that's where The Bank of Mom comes in.

I have a huge leaf pile standing on the spot where I want my summer garden to be. Now this enormous pile is courtesy of my dear hubby, who decided that if getting a couple of loads of leaves dumped there each year (from our city's leaf pickup program) was good, then getting ten dumptruck loads would be Even Better. I'm sorry to be sexist, but is this typical man thinking or what??. Yes, ten dumptruck loads of leaves are currently residing on top of my garden spot. I'm thinking that your average rototiller is not going to cut through this 20x 15 x 7 foot tall pile! Plus, we have 1/3 acre of ivy and blackberries that I want to rake the leaves over to hopefully make them easier to pull out of there.

I've been plugging away at the pile with shovel, rake and wheelbarrow, and can use all the help I can get. So I offered the kids $5 an hour and they jumped at the chance to be able to get their Pokemon cards. They were jumping a little less enthusiastically when they started raking and shoveling, but they worked for an hour as troopers and only have half their debt left.

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