Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Phrase Every Mom Loves To Say

This phrase is best uttered from an open doorway, as the dusk gathers around you and the lights of the town start twinkling on. In the spring and summer, it can be accompanied by the sound of crickets or frogs.

"Kids, it's getting dark. Time to come in!"

I think I'm going to love this trampoline thing. Despite a few House Rules that need to be ironed out (how many can be on at one time, that sort of thing), and a couple of bumps and bruises, the kids were out there with their friends all afternoon until it was literally so dark I almost couldn't see them.


Joanne said...

My kids love our trampoline and my husband does also. He's the one who gets wild on it though...he actually knocked out one of my daughter's baby teeth. LOL...

Amanda said...

We got out trampoline a year ago and still agree it's the best thing we've ever bought the boys! They're on it every single day! With the exception of the occasional too cold or too hot day when they go out, jump for 30 seconds and change their mind. ;)