Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't Mess With Mother Nature

I think I might've jinxed myself with that Cat in the Hat post. It has now rained for 10 straight days. The same days that my husband has been out of town, leaving introverted, need-my-quiet-time me to fend for myself with both energetic kids and no outdoor run-around time. Wow. So far, though, we've managed to keep busy and have fun (laughed our heads off at Hoodwinked yesterday, went to the gym the day before, friends' house the day before that, etc.), but the weather is getting a bit wearing. We just put in our garden, too, but haven't been able to do much outside except in between rain showers.

So today, the dreaded "B" word finally surfaced: "I'm bored!". Mind you, I don't think boredom is necessarily a bad thing. It's a time to dig deep and get inventive and we can almost always find something fun to do.

But today, even I am standing open-jawed in amazement. My kids have decided to clean each other's rooms. Just for the fun of it. They're happily shouting up and down the stairs to each other "Come look at it now! See how I've organized all your beads!", "Hey, check out where I put your card collection!". I'm either the total freaking Mother of the Year or the axe is about to fall, or both. Only time will tell...

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Glenda said...

Wow, send some of that rain to west Texas!! We're in a major drought.

We have those "I'm bored" days in the dead of summer, when it's too hot to be outdoors. That's when I drag out my crafts-n-fun books and things like that =)

How neat that the kids had fun cleaning each other's rooms -- I think it's infinitely more fun to go thru and organize other people's "stuff"!!!