Friday, June 12, 2009

It Is With A Heavy Heart

That I write this blog post. Asa's beloved almost 2 y.o. cat Bandit died two days ago of antifreeze poisoning. It was the most horrible thing I've ever had to go through with an animal, bar none. We still don't know where he got it from, after looking under every car within blocks, it's a mystery (and one that still keeps me nervous for our other kitties.)

Asa is, of course, just devastated. She and this cat were so close, he was her best buddy and her first real true close pet companion. In all my years, I've never lost a pet that wasn't in old age, so this is all pretty shocking and hard to take. My heart is so heavy, especially for Asa, and for Garfield, Bandit's brother and constant companion. Bandit was just the sweetest most loving kitty you can imagine. I used to call him "Bandito the Sweeto", and the morning of his death he came and sat on my lap and gave me the full purr treatment. He just adored Asa, she could carry him around like a sack of potatoes and he would just love it.

I can't believe he's gone. More than that, I can't believe that an incredible toxin (just about 100% fatal to cats, and with huge fatalities in dogs, wildlife, and humans as well) is still just out there in everybody's car, garage, etc. I had no idea. I can't believe I had no idea. I'm still processing this all and finding out about things like bills that have been introduced to even just make the stuff taste bitter so animals and kids won't drink it (why this has not happened yet is simply beyond my comprehension.). I'm sure you haven't heard the last of my thoughts on this matter, but right now we're all just grieving.

R.I.P. Bandito the Sweeto.


lotusbirther said...

Oh I am so sorry for you and especially your daughter and of course your Bandito to have gone through this horrible experience.

That cat looked like an amazing being and I can see from your photos how terribly missed he is. The hope that you express to ensure that that toxic chemical is treated to be undesirable to consume before sale is a very real one that has good potential to be brought in.

I sincerely hope that you are all able to grieve fully through this time and at some point reach a healing point. Bless him, dear Bandito.

ginni said...

I was directed to your blog through google. I have a google alert set up for antifreeze poisoning articles. I am so sorry for your loss. And that Bandito suffered this tragedy.
We lost two beloved pets to intentional antifreeze poisoning April 2007.
My daughter (Haley) was 10 years old at the time. She was devastated by this loss.
Sam our golden retriever was just like a brother to her and Jessie was a dog in the neighborhood that chose to follow Haley around - she loved him unconditionally.
The vet tried to save Sam, but on the third day called us in to say goodbye.
Haley lay on the floor sobbing into Sam's fur telling him how much she loved him and how there would be thousands of balls in Heaven.
I know the heartache I felt for Haley's heartbreak - was even greater than the grief I felt for losing the dogs and I still cry for them.
Our family knows what your going though.
My daughter fought for and succeeded in getting a law passed in our State to require antifreeze be bitter.
Its my understanding that your State has this law as well.
I wonder if it has not gone into effect yet..or if the manufacturers are not being compliant? This is a list of States that have this law
Arizona, California, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Tennessee.
Please fell free to contact me if you need to talk, or have questions about this bittering law.
We also homeschool.

TriGirl 40 Something said...

So, so sad. Really sorry to hear about Bandit. You guys are in my thoughts. Hugs to you all and an extra big one to Asa.

Dorcas said...

So sorry, especially for your daughter, and for you, walking her through the grief.