Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've got a ton of things to catch up on posting here, but our lives were hijacked this last week by an 11 pound bundle of energy and cuteness named Callie. She's a mostly Jack Russell Terrier, with what we think is some Beagle mixed in. Our neighbor rescued her from a not-so-good home situation, and she is just a sweet and fun little thing. A real cuddle-bug as you can see here!

She definitely adores the kids above all else, and just goes bananas whenever she sees them, and the feeling is very mutual. Asa has been wanting a small dog since, well since forever. And Mackenzie grew up with our dog Sabre, always having him around, and has been missing having a canine friend ever since Sabre died two years ago. So far they're both doing great with taking her for walks, keeping her from chewing on anything and everything, and even (gasp!) scooping poop (a requirement stated in my pre-dog speech to them).

Of course, since she's only four months old, she alternates between bursts of energy and tuckering out. Her favorite place to nap is right on top of one of us, but if that's not available she has taken a liking to my stuffed tigers.


lotusbirther said...

That pup looks adorable and like a real family friend/member. How fortunate you found each other.
I have also just discovered your blog and look forward to popping in to read your lovely posts!
I love your home-ed take on the brain activity article. Very pertinent when here in the UK we are currently having to engage with a person who is appearing to want to take away our rights to autonomous education (aka unschooling).

Rana said...

I just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading your earlier posts. Congrats on the new pup he's a cutie. Our family just got a puppy too. I feel your pain with the chewing and the poop.