Thursday, August 07, 2008

Don't You Just Love It When Your Kids Know Something That You Don't???

So I've had maps spread out all over my bed, trying to find bike routes around Italy for our family's upcoming trip (5 weeks away.... gulp!), and I'm bemoaning the lack of data (like, say, elevations, which are quite important when you're on a bicycle with your kids) when Mackenzie comes up and says "Hey mom, why don't you just use Google Earth???".

Um, yeah, why didn't I think of that?

So not only can I see every darn road we'll be biking down (including the three or four road names that each road seems to accumulate in Italy - Via Vincenzo Biani may also be called Via Rapallo or Strada Montebuono), but I can see the elevation at any point along the way. I can see precisely how many meters any given route will gain or lose. It's simply brilliant. If I'd personally hired someone to invent a tool to help me plan this trip, it wouldn't be any better than this. Thank you Mackenzie, you brilliant boy!

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Stella said...

I love google earth!