Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Dress Rehearsals, Three Recitals, Six Costume Changes Each

That's what you get when your daughter goes crazy into dance and you hit the end of the season. This week is insane! But, dancing is her absolute joy. So without further ado, here's the fabulous Miss Asa in her first dress rehearsal. Excuse the grainy quality of the photos, I was shooting without flash:

Hip Hop with "Men in Black" (she's the peewee in the center):

Ballet: "Ode to Degas":

Dance Team: "Pop" (she looks so tiny compared to the rest of her team, I just can't get over it! Most of them are tweens and they all sprouted this year, she's still 8))

Her favorite, Lyrical. To the song "Arms Wide Open":

And again with her dance team, "Saved By the Bell":

That's her, front and center in the splits.

So we're one rehearsal down, one more and three performances to go! Wish this stage mom luck (I'm not so good with make-up, buns, and all that stuff).

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