Sunday, April 13, 2008


Spring has most definitely sprung here with beautiful weather over the weekend, and lots of time to enjoy the sunshine, the sprinkler, and a tandem family bike ride (along with 4 straight days of robotics practice!). And while I'm at it, here's a few funnies from around here lately:

When the kids were arguing, I overheard Asa telling Mackenzie very loudly "Oh, go back to your own beehive!"

On another day when I was the target of her wrath, I got "I'll remember that when you're old and you need me, mom."

On another afternoon, I overheard Wayne asking Asa to do something she apparently didn't want to do. After she didn't answer him, he asked her again, then asked if she had heard his request. She replied "I'm having a silent moment."

I was in the kitchen one day when I heard Mackenzie gasp as if he'd been burned by something hot. I looked over and he was carrying some apparently dangerous object to the counter at arm's length and I overheard him saying "At least it's got a protective shield on it!". The object in question? A pink (oh, the horror) crayon, one of those twistable ones in a plastic casing. Apparently, he's become allergic to the color pink. Maybe now's not the time to tell him he used to dress up in sparkles and fairy wings...

But probably my favorite quote from recently was not from one of my own kids, but one of their friends, who I will mercifully refrain from naming here....

"I've always wanted to mooselip a teapot!" Background story, a friend of mine from Alaska used to call it "mooselipping" if you drank straight from the milk carton or other bottle or pitcher, so that's what our family calls it.

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Beth said...

Mooselipping - that's a great word and very funny! I yell at my husband and daughter when they do that. Now I know what to call it. :) I really liked the pink crayon story, too.

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Atlanta. It has cooled off a bit, but I think it's supposed to warm back up to the 70s by mid-week. See you at World!