Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Young Chefs

Remember those corny "Happiness Is...." cards and posters from the 1980's? Well, I think happiness might just be a kid who is starting to enjoy cooking. Mackenzie wanted to make his own cornbread to go with the chili I was making for dinner. I wrote out a recipe card for him that was much more legible than my regular handwritten one. He has always been very sensitive to sensations and sounds, so a few years back we replaced all of our wood-handled spoons and rubber scrapers with plastic-handled ones that don't bother his sense of touch. Likewise, I bought some plastic measuring spoons because the tinny metal spoons scraping together drove him nuts. He told me that he used some rubber gloves when he cracked the eggs, just so no egg slime got onto his hands, too. I remember all of these kinds of things being a roadblock to me when I was learning to cook. My mom never quite understood why the sound of a knife on a wood chopping block just set my teeth on edge, or the feel of the wooden stirring spoons really bugged me. Luckily these days there are alternatives available so he can enjoy cooking much more!

He had a few mishaps with flour and other ingredients, but in the end he turned out a very nice tasting cornbread. And of course, to ensure his little sister would want to eat it, he dyed it green (her favorite color). Yummm!

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Beth said...

I found your blog and video while I was searching for other FLL teams going to the World Festival. Your video is great and my family really enjoyed watching it. (Especially the part with you running to get your folder. I had to do that with the team's research notebook!)

My daughter's team (my husband coaches) is the Transformers and they're one of two teams from Georgia. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your team. Our shirts are very similar to yours - bright blue with yellow writing - so the two teams should be able to find each other easily.

(http://watersedge.typepad.com/felt_like_knitting and