Sunday, July 22, 2007

The True Magic of Harry Potter

One of the best things about unschooling for me is how I get drawn in to my childrens' worlds. How the things that interest them, I find interesting. It stretches my own imagination and boundaries to encompass the things that excite them. In a sense, that is a truly magical thing. Which is why, of course, Friday found us running around to thrift stores, a beauty supply store, and an Asian food market to buy supplies to wizardize ourselves for the Harry Potter release parties on Friday night. Asa went as Hermione, I couldn't talk Mackenzie into going as Draco Malfoy (though he looks so much like him when he gets out of the shower with his hair slicked back!) and the kids thought I should go as Tonks. My mom was visiting and came with us in costume too.!

Now of course though, I have to fight them to get to read the book myself!


Lever said...

Nice to see Potter mania alive and well in the US. My girlfriend had to miss our UK launch whilst she was back in NY, but she caught up with your over-the-pond celebrations too :)

Did you finish the book? What did you think? What do you think to the fact that we may never see the likes of this again?

Ren said...

I went as Tonks too! What fun. You guys look great.