Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dispatches From the Frog Kingdom

They have legs! And we seem to have at least six survivors out of seven so far, though there may be seven. They've got a nice big habitat and like to lurk around in the plants and the mud, so we might still have all seven with us, it's hard to tell. They're getting rather fat and turning greenish and growing these cute little legs!

We did have an issue with stinky tank syndrome and I had to start changing the water out more frequently and scrub off some algae, but they seem to be eating well and obviously growing so I think we're doing okay. Of course, my husband asked "so tell me again why our dining room table is pushed all the way against the window and being taken over by a giant tank?" Why darling, it's because the little froggies need some sunlight every day, and, well, because this is a household of adventures where magic and excitement trump having a perfectly set dining room table. Same reason there's a tent in our front yard today, and a Lego "movie backlot" that M. built on our livingroom floor. We clean up well, but at any given time there are adventures going on here.

Speaking of adventures, it's cool to see how something fun from vacation (visiting Universal Studios as well as the "Hollywood Backlot" area of California Adventure park and taking a drawing lesson from a real Disney animator) has spawned a whole lot of creative playing here. M. has built a movie lot for his Lego guys and is urging me to finish up downloading photos from the camera so that he can use it to make another animated film of his little Lego guys.

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