Friday, April 27, 2007

Adventures With Tadpoles

Happiness is a Jar of Tadpoles
This week we went out to a local marshy area and the kids got some tadpoles. It was just gorgeous out there with camas bulbs blooming everywhere and red wing blackbirds calling to each other. A friend of mine who is a local field biologist (and homeschooling mom) suggested the outing. I love going places like this with her because she comes armed with spotting scope and more knowledge on local flora and fauna than anyone I know. The kids loved romping around in the fields, watching pond turtles through her scope, and finding the cute little tadpoles in tiny ponds. On the way home, we picked up a used fish tank at Goodwill and have filled it with water from our creek. We're going to try to raise these little guys into frogs so keep your fingers crossed for us.

The internet is such a wonderful resource for this kind of thing. I wouldn't have even thought twice about filling the tank with tap water, but fortunately I Googled "Raising Tadpoles" first, so we went for the creek water. It was a little murky at first, but it has settled out and all seven of the little guys (Taddie, Taddles, Tad Tad, Tadmina, Teddie, Link, and Zelda) seem to be quite happy in their new home.


Dorcas said...

Just so you know, I tagged you on my blog.

Beth: said...

What fun to have thriving tadpoles! We tried that last fall but they all died. We were bummed, but your already look better than ours ever did.

I'm also coming out of the woodwork to let you know I'm nominating you for a Thinking Blogger Award. :-)