Monday, December 11, 2006

Lego Robotics Competition: A Day in Photos

Here's the pit area, where each team could work on their robots. Our team's name was The Nanomancers, and they're all in black shirts with the number 333 (their team number) on the back.

This is their first run on the table in the competition hall. Each team gets three runs and their highest scoring run is what counts. They run their robot at the same time as another team on the adjoining table, and get 2:30 minutes to accomplish as many tasks as their robot can do.

Siblings M. and A. working together at the table while a judge looks on. All other team members must keep behind the lines on the floor, only two can be at the table at any time. The robot is in action.

Back at the pit area, M. explains an idea for a modification to one of the attachments to another team member.

In the waiting area, getting ready to go into the room where they would present their research project. Their project was on the medical applications of nanotechnology in the treatment of cancer, and they presented a play in which they took the parts of Doctor, patient (M.), narrator (A.), tumor, and healthy cell.

After their presentation, the judges ask them questions about their research project: how they decided on it, what their sources were, to further explain their research and their solution to the research problem. They must display not only thorough knowledge of the subject, but good teamwork and respect for each other in taking turns to answer the questions.

Back at the pit area, M. gives a double thumbs-up. They all knew that they had done a bang-up job on the research presentation, and indeed they ended up getting a perfect score from the judges!

Celebrating as a team after getting the Teamwork Trophy. They worked hard, and they worked well together. Despite a hectic lead-up week and only six hours of sleep, they treated each other with respect and were extremely helpful to other teams, displaying exceptional good sportsmanship. Their parents and coaches could not be more proud!!!

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