Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Double Digits

I've been a mom for a decade now. Our son just turned ten yesterday, which seems like an impossibility considering he was a small chubby-cheeked toddler only yesterday, and a nursing babe-in-arms the day before. He and I went out for dinner and a movie together, he chose "Click" which ended up being perfect because it's about family, life passing by quickly, and the choices we make. Also, it's a time travel movie, and he loves those. We had a lot of good after-movie conversation about all of it. It made me really appreciate the many choices we have made along the parenting path of the last 10 years. In retrospect, the time a baby spends in-arms, or the time a toddler spends nursing, or a young child sharing your bed just seems to go so quickly. And I'm glad I didn't push him away from any of those things sooner than he was ready for. I'm grateful that we have the gift of time together that unschooling brings - hours upon hours and days upon days. I love that we know each other's taste in movies, clothes, books - that we are truly friends, in addition to being parent and child. I'm happy that he is such an awesome person to hang out with. He's got a crazy sense of humor, an ear for a funny pun or turn of phrase, a lot of interests that I share, and a generous and kind spirit that is amazing to watch blossom. He's also a ten year old boy, of course, with all that comes with that. His voice just started cracking occasionally, and my mom can now wear his outgrown shoes, but girls are still friends and nothing more. I'm looking forward to what the next decade will bring, and wishing for it to go by slowly enough to relish and remember all the days.

Happy Birthday Son!


Karen said...

What a beautiful tribute. Happy birthday to M and congratulations on earning your 10 year pin. You are both an inspiration.

Leonie said...

What lovely pics. We also enjoyed Click - but one son and I cried during some of the secnes....

I am enjoying reading your unschooling blog. Thank you!