Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Floating Down to Earth

These last few weeks have felt like a fast whirlwind freefall, and now I think I'm finally parachuting slowly back down to earth. My 6 y.o. dd had all of her theatre performances, big dance recitals and violin recital all piled up into about three weeks of time. Including all of the dress rehearsals and the fact that I was the accompanist for the theatre production (musical version of Beauty and the Beast), this just consumed us completely for awhile there. On top of that, my DH was out of town, and just before he got back, I had to have everything packed for a mega road trip and camping trip. We headed up to Seattle for my little sis' MBA graduation, and then up to Vancouver Island, B.C. for camping and a few days in Victoria.

Here's a few photos from the theatre and dance stuff. The first two are from Beauty and the Beast, where she was a narrator and a fairy. The last one is A. with a friend at her dance recital. Vacation pics to come.

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